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Expert Restorative Dental Treatments With Our Dentist in Pineville

At Locke Family Dentistry, we understand the importance of a healthy, functional smile. Patients suffering from damaged, decayed, or missing teeth may struggle to perform simple tasks like chewing and speaking. They may also be self-conscious about their smile. Thankfully, our restorative dentist in Pineville, LA, Dr. Virginia Locke, offers a host of restorative dentistry services to get your oral health back on track!

Read on to explore our affordable dental restorations in Central Louisiana. We proudly service the Pineville, Alexandria, and Natchitoches areas!

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Teeth affected by cavities or decay can be quickly restored with tooth-colored fillings. Chipped or cracked teeth can also benefit from fillings. Using a composite resin, Dr. Locke can create customized fillings that match the shape, size, and color of your teeth.

Our fillings are made from a safe, non-metal material, meaning they won’t wear down or stain your teeth over time. With proper care, fillings can last up to 10 years before needing to be replaced.

Crowns and Bridges

For patients missing one or more teeth, dental crowns and bridges may be effective in restoring their complete and functional smile. Our Pineville dentist recommends crowns and bridges to patients looking to restore and protect their smiles.

Crowns can be placed right over severely decayed or damaged teeth to restore their function and appearance. Made from customizable porcelain, your crown will blend seamlessly in with your smile.

Dental bridges are a great solution for patients missing multiple teeth. Using two or more dental crowns on either side of a pontic, or a fake tooth, you can bridge the gap between natural teeth. They’re a durable solution that blends seamlessly with your surrounding teeth.

Partial and Full Dentures

Dentures are a great restorative solution for patients missing some or all of their natural teeth. Not only do they help you regain your ability to speak and enjoy the foods you love, but they also help give you a confident, beautiful smile. We custom-make all patients’ dentures to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

At Locke Family Dentistry, dentist Dr. Locke offers both partial and full dentures to address your individual needs.

  • Partial Dentures: Patients missing only a few teeth may benefit from partial dentures. This natural-looking solution can fill in gaps left by missing teeth and are removable for your convenience.
  • Full Dentures: For patients missing most of their teeth, full dentures can help restore their ability to speak and chew with ease and comfort. This restoration is custom-made to form a close seal with your gums for a natural appearance.

Implant-Retained Dentures

For a durable and long-lasting solution to missing teeth, implant-retained dentures are a step up from traditional dentures that can help maintain the health of your jawbone. When teeth are lost, your jawbone may begin to deteriorate due to the absence of tooth roots. This could lead to serious health complications.

Implants act as tooth roots, stimulating and keeping your jawbone healthy while providing you with a beautiful smile that won’t shift or loosen over time. Best of all, because they’re permanently fixed to your jawbone, you don’t need to deal with any messy dental adhesives.

Dental Implants

For a durable and long-lasting solution to tooth loss, our titanium dental implants are a popular and effective option. Known as the gold standard of restorative dentistry, implants can last a lifetime with proper care and never need replacing. Our Pineville, LA dentist recommends implants to patients looking for a permanent solution to missing teeth.

Implants are fixed directly to your jawbone to mimic a tooth’s root, preventing jawbone deterioration and giving you a secure replacement. Implants will never shift or loosen, so you can enjoy the foods you love worry-free.

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